Friday, March 22, 2013

Child Jesus Teaching in the Temple & Prayer to Engage Postmodernism

I picked up some non-Catholic intellectual books today and eventually later made a remark to my wife that I constantly needed to find refuge in the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas to address pressing modern day issues, particularly postmodernism.

I plan to read Foucault on power/knowledge in the next few months.  A prayer surged from my lips to Our Lord, "Lord, this is hard."  I turned to Him for help.

During my drive home later, I prayed joyful mysteries of the rosary (in addition to the family rosary).  When I got to the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, I experienced peace as I turned my meditation to the Child Jesus teaching the doctors of the Temple.

I thought of how the Incarnate Wisdom of God was present in the Temple among the doctors of the law and how He taught them and amazed them.

I thought of how all wisdom and learning was in this Little Child.  It gave me much peace.

HERE, btw, is a good article on post-modernity with pastoral consideration.

Child Jesus, have mercy on us!

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