Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jesuit Islamic Scholar on Combating Fanaticism at Its Ideological Roots

Here's a video from Rome Reports of Islamic scholar Fr. Samir Khalil Samir, S.J.

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There is one simple theological point I wish to highlight from the interview.  Fr. Samir said that combatting fanaticism at its ideological roots may be the key to securing peace.

Addressing ideological ROOTS is the key!

This means that we must understand the religious roots.  A simple secularist approach will not be effective; in fact, a secularist approach will lead to defeat.

Below is the transcript of the interview.


Jihadism Expert: Europe must take the Islamic State threat seriously


It only took one night for the world's most powerful terrorist group to change the Middle East. It happened between June 9th and 10th  when Islamic State jihadists took over Mosul, Iraq, a city of 3 million inhabitants. They caused 150,000 people to flee in just hours.

They have exported terror from Syria and Iraq to Africa and Europe. Even al-Qaeda considers them too radical and violent.

Islamic Scholar
"Extremists today have exceeded the limits: Everyone who is not them, they are enemies. Their strength comes from the fact that they are fanatics. They are ready for anything: If they die, they have won, because they go to paradise. If they kill, they gain territory. In all cases, it is win-win.”

The Islamic State has proclaimed a caliphate which covers an area larger than the British Isles.  They have promised to reach Europe. More and more people have joined. And they make millions each month by selling black market oil and gas, extortion, ransom and smuggling antiquities. The professor said they should not be underestimated.

Islamic Scholar
"We must take this threat seriously. I do not think something will happen immediately, but it can happen.”

The Islamic State seeks to impose its radical interpretation of Islam on the world. They want to return to the times of the Caliphate of Baghdad in the 8th century.

Islamic Scholar
"When religion becomes ideology it has new strength but is no longer a religion. That is what is happening with these radicals.”

For that reason, he said that combating fanaticism at its ideological roots may be the key to securing peace in the Middle East.

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