Monday, January 23, 2017

"Coriolanus" (2011) Movie Review

Coriolanus (2011)
Grade: A+

SPOILER ALERT!  (Read no further if you do not want to know the ending)

Shakespeare's modified General Martius, military hero of Rome, is betrayed by his own people.  They banish him, but he silences those who condemn him, "!"  He is a type of Christ-like figure who will return in glory to be Judge of the living and the dead.

While in exile, he later allies himself with a former enemy to seek revenge against Rome, only to be swayed from his revenge by his mother and wife.  While not intended by Shakespeare, this image is reminiscent of the Second Coming and Christ's Mother role pleading for mercy for God's weak people.

In the end, his former enemy betrays him once again and slays him.  In sense, the Christ-like figure of General Martius -- Coriolanus -- lays down his life for his weak people showing that a soldier lives and died with honor for the people.

Movie merits a strong A+ life and death scene and depiction of heavy military ethos of honor, courage tempered with mercy, and laying down one's life for others.

(Magnificent acting by Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler, and Vanessa Redgrave.)

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