Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Praise be the Holy Name of Jesus!

Today, we celebrate the Memorial of the Most Holy Name of Jesus.  No other name under heaven and earth can save humanity.....NO OTHER NAME!!  Only Jesus's name saves.

But I want to focus on something else today.

Before Mass, I was experiencing a horrible temptation.  That strong temptation took place during Mass, too.  There was also a mix of my carrying my Cross during this temptation.  I felt that I was really carrying my Cross.

However, earlier in the day, I had seen an episode on the Passionist Nuns of Kentucky.  It was a very simple video, but there was a scene that moved me greatly.  The Mother Superior of the community was explaining the life of the founder of the Order, St. Paul of the Cross.  When the camera focused on a picture of Paul of the Cross, I was drawn to an image of Jesus carrying His Cross looking at Paul of the Cross.

Jesus had a smile on His beautiful face as He carried His Cross and looked at St. Paul of the Cross.

They seemed to be best friends at that moment.

Well, today at Mass as I brought my temptations and agony to Mass, I remember during the Offertory making my gift before the altar as I was in the cry room (or room for those with babies).  I was on the floor at that moment when I made my offering in my state.  I didn't think myself much to give to God.  I gave it.  Then, during the consecration of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, as I was weighed down with temptation and the agony of my own Cross, I imagined myself struggling beneath the weight of the Cross.  I imagined Jesus to my right, and I drew whatever strength I could from His passion.

I imagined myself looking at his face and Him turned to me, also under the weight of His Cross which bore the sins of the world.  My Cross was only a feather in comparison.  During the consecration, I normally picture Jesus on the Cross at Calvary, but this time, He was crouched down to my right looking at me.

It gave me strength and filled me with a consolation I had not had in a while.  My Jesus knew what I was going through.  I felt tired but He raised me up with His own tiredness.

That image of St. Paul of the Cross and Jesus looking at him....how I love that image!

And Jesus smiling as if pleased....I love that image, too!

That's what He did to me.

He looked at me at Mass.  He saw me fall with the weight of my Cross, oppressed in temptation and agony.

I followed Him at that moment.

The oppression was gone, even though the Cross remained.  The temptation ceased.

I will have find that image I saw and post it here one day.  It's either a painting or a cartoon drawing of some sort of St. Paul of the Cross.

St. Paul of the Cross seems to like my family.  But that's for another blog.

After I told my wife this story, she quoted something from St. John of the Cross.  But that's for another blog, too.

I've written entire journal of such experiences I've had that I've only shared with my spiritual director and my wife.  This is one of the first times I'm posting it in a blog.  I hope it helps others who it read carry their own Cross.

Praised be the Most Holy Name of Jesus!

Class dismissed.

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