Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Homeland (4th Season)": Movie Review

Mr. P's Grade: B-/C+

While I personally love the genre, from a literary philosophical viewpoint, the basic premise of the series is Hobbesian and Machiavellian.  The ends justifies the means of fighting the evils of terrorism.  The brutish, short, nasty and violent world comes emerges in American foreign policy as morally acceptible.  For example, the main character seduces an informant to obtain intel and she also was willing to kill her former boss.  The principle of double effect as an in bello criteria should he explicitly stated in the film.  I did not find maim characters growing in traditional virtues, other than the fine soliders and agents killed in action.  Finally, the film really should remove the sex scenes which amount to a type of soft porn as unnnecessary to advance the plot.  Pagan ethics should not drive America's foreign and military policy, and traditional virtue ethics will help improve the movie.

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