Friday, June 30, 2017

"Megan Leavy" (2017) Movie Review

Mr. P.s Grade: A-

Based on the true story of decorated U.S. Marine K-9 Dog Handler Corporal Megan Leavy, this movie chronicles a troubled teen who eventually joins the Corps.  Now with purpose in life, the Marine is part of a unsung group of heroes that saves lives by locating IEDs and explosives.  It is a giving of oneself for others at its finest, but it is particularly highlighted by a female heroine figure in a male dominated profession like the military.  Movie could have omitted the one-night stand implications to advance plot.  Possible social engineering of the military and politicization of bringing her dog, Rex, home with a U.S. senator, but if these are intended by the directors they are overshadowed by a well-deserved recognization scene at the end where Corporal Leavy is honored.  A scene showing Rex's burial after his death could havr advanced the movie further as the audience was connected with the main character's passion for her combat dog.  Thank you, Megan, for your service fighting the evils of our time and fighting the threats to our freedom!

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