Saturday, October 22, 2011

Letting Cooler Heads Prevail...Not!...Unless It's Snowing

I seem to be more calm since the last post HERE on desecrating Our Lady's statue in Rome.


Especially when it comes to my Mother's honor.

I thought I'd moderate myself on this point, but I can't seem to bring myself to it right now.

I mean, I'd say to myself that not all the protesters did this....or I went too far re-blogging the Marxist point...or was I too harsh re-attaching Taylor Marshall's anti-Christ label to the post....or the Occupy Movement is trying to bring about economic good...or this or that excuse.

It took me 3-4 days to even gather my thoughts and come to this moment.

+ + +

I think I'm simply resolved today to post a picture of Our Lady here.

That's it!

Like a picture of Our Lady of Rome.  But the closest I could find right now is Our Lady of the Snows.

Also, here's a comment on who the real enemy of Mary is by former U.S. Episcopalian priest and Catholic convert Taylor Marshall, whom I cited in my last blog.  (Marshall, with a picture of his 5 kids and wife, has become a bit of a fave of mine of late, esp. w/Papa Benny's Ordinariate initiative to bring unity in the Church.)

In "Are You An Enemy of Mary?  Ask St. Maximilian Kolbe," Marshall himself cited St. Maximilian Kolbe who said that the enemy of Mary is everything that does not lead to God.

Who is her enemy? Whatever is stained, whatever does not lead to God, whatever is not love, whatever comes from the hellish serpent, he himself is her enemy; hence it includes all our defects, or all our faults. We ask her to give us strength against him. For this one purpose all devotions exist, all prayer, all sacraments; that we receive power to overcome all obstacles in our striving for God in a more and more ardent love, in assimilating ourselves to God, in uniting with God himself.
-Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, Explanation of Act of Consecration, Aim Higher, p. 140.


And that's why my head hasn't cooled yet.

Because wherever something -- and I point first and foremost to myself and my own sins -- doesn't lead to God, then it is the spirit of anti-Christ as St. John wrote in his letters.

I haven't cooled 'cause when souls are led -- or rather mis-led -- to perdition I can't simply sit cozy and watch.  I gotta say something, ya know what I mean?!

So let something greater come out of all this, even in Rome where Our Lady's statue was desecrated.

And maybe....

...just maybe some of that same snow that fell on Rome many centuries ago due to Our Lady can fall on my hot head today.

And let this cooler head prevail.

HW: Pray the rosary!

Special thank you to Cynthia M. Antonio of New York, & Maureen D. of California, for reacting to my last post. 

Class dismissed.

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