Monday, October 17, 2011

Rise of Anti-Christ in Rome: Mary's Statue Desecrated During "Occupy Rome" Protest

I cannot remain silent.  This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!  This video is not meant for sensitive hearts.

Forgive me for being blunt, but for us Catholics, I do not know how a Catholic -- any Catholic -- could not have watched this and not be heartbroken.

How can we remain indifferent?!

Let me be more bold: I DARE say that if you are Catholic, and if you were not stirred or moved in your inner heart and soul by seeing this on video, then there must be something in your soul that is not in the spirit of Christ.

Re-examine your Christian life.

I am not your judge.  But I do think that Catholics must be ultra-sensitive to hurting the Mother of Jesus.

We cannot allow these things to continue.  Learn your Faith!  Re-dedicate your lives to Christ.  Give your hearts to Him once again.

This happened in Rome, the center of the Catholic Church.  Rome!  The unimaginable less than a century ago has become real.

Say a prayer for those who did this.  May those who did this someday become one of the greatest saints of heaven.

What emotionally upsets me even more in this photo is how people just walked past without cleaning the statue up.  In particular, there is one person who just took a photo of this desecration.  Why isn't anyone doing anything about it?  Where are the heroes?!  Why are people just walking on?

In this blog's analysis, Taylor Marshall notes the very Marxist and anti-Christ climate of the events in the heart of Catholicism.  Click HERE for more.

Thank you, Jay Balza, for your post.

I'm just too emotional to continue blogging.  I think I'm gonna stop here and go pray now.


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