Thursday, October 13, 2011

WYD #7: Pope During Storm: "If they're staying, I'm staying, too."

According to a senior press officer for World Youth Day, Pope Benedict was asked three times to leave during a heavy night storm.

On the first two occasions, the successor of St. Peter said no to his advisers who wanted him to leave.  He even wagged his finger to insist on staying with the young adults and youth during the storm.

The third time the Holy Father was advised to leave, he pointed to the 2 million who had gathered there with him and said, "If they are staying, then I am staying, too."


This reminds me of Our Lord 2,000 years ago calming a storm.  It also reminds me of Peter's little faith as he walked on water and sank.  Today, the 80-some-year-old Successor of St. Peter braves wild weather with his young flock of Christ.

Viva il Papa!!

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