Friday, August 26, 2011

Dialogue on Philippines reproductive health bill fades, protests renew :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

The text below is a response I penned to a comment in favor of the RH Bill located here:

Dialogue on Philippines reproductive health bill fades, protests renew :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

I, of course, am taking a position against the RH Bill.


1.) Re: your church-state separation point, the Church brings a unique moral analysis to the political-economic table.  For democratic societies to flourish, by its own principles of democracy, the Church and her bishops have the right to speak out in the marketplace of ideas concerning the common good.

A church-state collaboration in democratic societies presents a win-win situation for both Church and State.  Each mutually benefits from the other in varied ways when they work together especially to serve the poor and voiceless.

Yes, I agree with you that educating the public is necessary.  Present the merits of the argument rationally and truth will prevail.  This is why the Catholic Church places great value in reason and natural law arguments in public discourse.  The RH bill is faulty based on reasonable and philosophical arguments.

2.) Re: the Canada-Philippines comparison, the point in the article is that the Philippines should not follow decaying Western countries with similar reproductive health laws.  The facts you state may be true, but it does not follow that the Canada-Philippines comparison is invalid. 

Western countries with similar so-called reproductive health laws build a Culture of Death and produce a "dictatorship of moral relativism" where human life is not respected.  Democracies cannot survive with this.

3.) Re: government officials governing, their power is not absolute.  Otherwise, they turn in to a dictatorship instead of being agents of justice and peace.

Yes, I agree with you that the Church should concentrate on saving souls.  That is why she speaks out against the so-called Reproductive Health Bill being debated in the Philippines Congress.

Mabuhay the Philippine Republic!

Thank you.

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