Thursday, August 11, 2011

St. Clare, Patron Saint of Television


I wanted to launch this blog site's first day of class on a Marian feast day originally.  The Assumption was coming up on the 15th, and there was the Queenship of Mary on the 22nd.  Mary's birthday falls on Sept. 8, a great natural time for the beginning of this blog's school year.

So, in my excitement, and with Our Lady in mind, I logged the first blog-class post on the 11th, the Feast of St. Clare.  She's the patron saint of television.  St. Isidore of Seville holds court as the patron of the Internet.  I don't think there's a patron saint of blogging yet as of this writing, but Clare's still my favorite candidate for the blogging patron saint job.  I did, after all, post a YouTube video in my last class. 

Today's memorial hits closer to home on many fronts:

1.) She's one of the two patron saints of the Diocese of San Jose, which is in the South Bay Area, where I grew up.

2.) My family and I just LOVE the DVD Clare and Francis (2007) directed by Fabrizio Costa that I highly recommend for your DVD library.  (Mr. P.'s movie rating grade for Clare and Francis: solid A)  See trailer here.

3.) A high school friend of mine entered the religious community that Clare founded known as the Poor Clares.  They have a convent in, of all places, the heart of the economic powerhouse Silicon Valley.  This is a great reminder that, even in our dire global economic situation, money and material things still ain't gonna cut it to make you happy.  And if you ever need a prayer for any reason, give the Poor Clare Nuns of Los Altos Hills a call.

4.) One of these days, my fam and I are going to hit all 21 founding California missions, one of which is Santa Clara de Asis in Santa Clara, California.

So, let's give it up for someone whose life still affects us 800 years after her death.

Homework: Check out the life of St. Clare.  Imitate her virtues.

St. Clare, pray for us.

Class dismissed.

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