Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update #3 for WYD Madrid: Let No One Take Your Peace Away

This photo shows the Holy Father talking to reporters somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea as he approaches Madrid from Rome.  I’ve never seen a picture of him like this.   

His hair and face look different.  My Papa Benny reminds me of my own Grandpa Benny (d. 1988).

But I’d love to have half the Pope’s wits and brains and heart when I’m half His Holiness’s age.

And even though he’s well over twice my age, this picture makes me just wanna cry out:

“The Pope is young!  The Pope is young!”

This reminded me of the time at WYD Toronto (2002) when we did this with Bl. John Paul the Great.  We just kept chanting, “The Pope is young!  The Pope is young!”, when the ailing John Paul said the Pope is old.

How they love their spiritual father.

There is something AWESOME about these two great Popes – John Paul & Benedict – that makes the ancient message ever new for our time.

When Benedict XVI landed at the airport, the King and Queen of Spain welcomed him.

The Glory of the Olive, who plans to plant an olive tree during World Youth Day, connected with our times and said:

"Many young people stare into the future with fear, given the current employment situation…. Let no one take your peace away. Do not be ashamed of the Lord. He became one of us and experienced our troubles."

Let no one take your peace away.  Don't be ashamed of the Lord.

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