Sunday, August 14, 2011

Comic Review: "Ultimate Captain America"

"Ultimate Captain America" ##1-4
written by Jason Aaron (Wolverine) & illustrated by Ron Garney (Amazing Spider-Man)
(not to be confused with the recent Captain America movie)

Comic note: Parental Guidance rated


Mr. P.'s Grade: A-/B+

Here are the ultimate strengths of this ultimate Cap. version:

(WARNING: Some spoilers included below.)

1.) Captain America prays the Lord's Prayer (i.e., "Our Father") during his interrogation and close-call execution scene in the opening chapters, even while he is mocked by his captor for praying.

2.) While imprisoned by the villain, tested beyond his mental strength and tempted to his limits.  He realizes that only a miracle would get him out of his situation.  (virtues: faith; perseverence)

3.) Even after his miracle from a very hopeless situation, Cap. still credits God as he reflects on his success bringing the villain to justice. (virtue: humility)

4.) Cap. is not scandalized by the imperfect institution he serves even after all her many imperfections.  (A good lesson that some bad apples don't make the whole barrel bad.)

5.) In the final scene, our hero brings the Good Book to his enemy as the villain lays in a secured hospital bed.  Cap reads it to him with the opening lines from the Book of Genesis, "In the beginning..."  (virtue: love of enemies)

No HW today, Class.  It's the Sabbath.


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