Friday, August 12, 2011

Spiritual Friendship: St. Frances Jane de Chantal


Today's memorial for a mother of 6 who became a nun after her husband died is none other than St. Jane Frances de Chantal.

She's most fitting for us today, class, 'cause she's good friends with another saint: St. Francis de Sales who's a co-patron saint of the Diocese of Oakland.  This land of oak East Bay diocese comprises both Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

I think the friendship as seen between these two canonized saints is most cool on my cool meter b/c it shows the beauty of friends who themselves seek to serve God.  What beauty!  What simplicity!  What love!

So let us choose our friends wisely and with care.  We become who they are.

HW:Check out St. Jane's life.

St. Jane Frances de Chantal, pray for us.

Class dismissed.

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