Friday, September 30, 2011

Mr. P.'s Choice for "Teacher of the Month Award" (Sept. 2011)

It gives me great pleasure to announce Mr. P.'s Blog "Teacher of the Month Award" for September 2011.

He has most likely reached more people online than he would preaching a single homily from a pulpit.

For his priestly presence bringing the Gospel to the blogosphere world, this month's "Teacher of the Month Award" for September 2011 is a priest-blogger selected by the Pope to become the youngest bishop in Canada and, at the time of this blog, the second youngest bishop in the world!  "Put out in to the deep."  His name is Father -- ahem -- I mean, Bishop Thomas Dowd.  

His blog can be found HERE.

He was a priest for only 10 years when called to the episcopacy and ordained at age 40, one day shy of his 41st birthday.

I have to say it's the first time I've seen a living bishop born during the 1970s.  I wonder if he's the first bishop born in the 70s.

More from the archdiocese website can be found HERE, including his engagement with post-modern culture.

Congratulations and we'll see you on cyberspace, Your Excellency, and ad multos annos!

Class dismissed.

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