Monday, September 12, 2011

Where I Was During the 9/11 Attack

That unforgettable morning, Sept. 11, 2001, I remember waking up to my alarm in my apartment.

I didn't have the buzz on that morning (which I normally do now), but I had the alarm set to a local radio music station. 

Expecting to hear my usual routine of a morning song, I instead heard a panic-stricken D.J. talk about weaponized planes going in to buildings and people dying.  I'm sure I must have heard that U.S. official confirmed that it was a terrorist attack on America.

Because I remember my first words.  I whispered, "Oh God, it started."

What I meant by this is that the world was going to change at biblical proportions.  As I didn't have TV in my apartment, I just listened to the radio.

I drove in to work to be with my classes that morning.  I wanted to be of comfort to any way possible.

We prayed -- which is what we normally did every day -- but this time with greater fervor.  The students were quiet.  They asked me about God and Islam's role.  I tried to comfort them with words of peace.  We listened to the radio.

That was my 9/11 day: comforting students as needed and praying with them.

It's what I remember 10 years later.  It's the same of what I hope to do now. 

Comfort.  Prayer.

Class dismissed.

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