Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Switch in Blog Logo

Okay class, I'm going to get a little personal here.

As a young professional classroom teacher, the veteran teachers told me to not be personal at the beginning of the class.  This was a recommended technique for young new rookie teachers and done so that students on the first day wouldn't walk all over the teacher.  This was many moons ago.

And, of course, this blog has an adult audience, so the dynamic is certainly different.  Those techniques are not needed.  In fact, the "first day" of Mr. P.'s Classroom got a little personal.

But I digress.

So some of you may have noticed a switch in the blog logo at the beginning of September.  During the month of August, it was a picture of Jesus and Mary as seen here:

There's a deep, deep reason why this image was chosen.  But I think we'll leave that for another time.  For now, let's just say that this hung on my professional wall for many years.

Starting today, this image of the Twin Hearts reflects a deeper image of this blog's purpose:

Many, many more moons ago, I recall having young children draw this in one of the very first catechism classes I taught.  I think I still have copies of those drawings, but I would have to find them up (and maybe post them), just like with my recent blog regarding the signature of the man for whom St. Maximilian died.  And that's only part of the reason for the choice. 

It's also relevant for St. John Eudes, to whom I owe a blog page, and for whom I was remiss during the month of August.  He spread devotion to the two Hearts.

Again, that's for another time... I gradually collect/discern the patrons of this blog.

For now, class, this image will suffice.

And there's actually another third image I have in mind, but it has yet to be created.  In a way, it is a masterpiece that I hope to create in art someday to summarize my teaching apostolate for my Master.

When I saw this image of the Twin Hearts online, it captured my heart in many respects.

So here it is, dear class.

Let us meditate on this image of love.

Love of God, and of neighbor, after all, beautiful people, is all that matters at the end of life.

There's nothing like living and being in the state of grace.

Love God...

...and neighbor.

It's all that's gonna matter when we die.


Class dismissed.

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