Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Recent Study: Top 10 Happiest Jobs

Forbes & the Univ. of Chicago reported on the top 10 happiest jobs.  In this order, they are: 

(#1) clergy 
(#2) firefighters
(#3) physical therapists
(#4) authors
(#5) special ed. teachers
(#6) teachers
(#7) artists
(#8) psychologists
(#9) financial services sales agents
(#10) operating engineers

It seems that the least materialistic is the most happy.

I was SO grateful to read this, after feeling a little down today.

Happiness is a key point of departure for renewing Catholic moral theology.  Fr. Servais Pinckaers, O.P., was a great proponent of this.

What makes us humans truly happy?

The morality section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church begins with the question of human happiness.

The ancient Greek thinkers claimed that the happy life is the virtuous life.

And most importantly, Jesus Christ our Master and Friend Himself talked about happiness or beatitude or blessedness in Matthew 5.

Life in Christ is happiness. 

It fulfills the deepest desire down in the human heart.  Try it!  During those moments of quiet solitude, really ask yourself what makes YOU happy.  Go deep -- I mean really deep -- in to your conscience.

In the end, only God makes one happy.  Human beings are naturally constituted for God.  Try it!

I dare you.

HW: Don't worry; be happy!

Class dismissed.

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