Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Two Hearts That Beat as One"

Endless Love  (1994)

This song just kept popping up in my heart whenever I thought about the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary these past few weeks.

The line that especially struck me was "Two hearts / Two hearts that beat as one..."

I am reminded of how, according to a pious tradition, it is said that Mary wanted to die along with her Son as He was dying on the Cross.  It is said that she, being the ever-obedient handmaid, accepted God's will that she not die.

The infant Church needed her to remain.

Of course, this is not recorded in the Scriptures.  But there is artistic license taken in The Passion of the Christ (2004).  In this movie, Mary asks her Son to die with him as He hung for three hours on the Cross.

At that point, the Crucified gave her over to John when He said, "Woman, behold your son."  And to the disciple whom He loved, "Behold your mother."  Now that is in the Scriptures.

How great was her agony!  Her heart united with His!  What love!  I am unworthy to even pen (blog) how to capture it in writing.

Maybe that's why John's Gospel -- or any Gospel -- for that matter "hides" the Woman.  They cannot capture the profundity of the love between Mother and Son.

Who would dare even attempt to capture what should be mysterious?  You know what I mean?  It's like when you try to explain something really deep to someone, but in the very act of explaining it it doesn't do justice to the emotion of the heart.  Therefore, it is better left unsaid or unwritten.

It is respected and veiled.

I know you know what I'm talking about 'cause we've all had those moments.

How can people not honor her for having undergone such a holy event with the Son of God?

We honor other people for undergoing incredible human tragedies.  But we don't honor her enough!

O, Sorrowful Mother, Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!


Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey seem like decent artists.  The lyrics to Endless Love (1994), based on the original Endless Love (1981) by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross, are below.

If you want to enjoy the lyrics, click the "Read more" link below and play the song above.

Endless love.

That's what life's all about.

That's all that matters at the end of life.


In fact, that's your HW: Love.


Endless Love (1994)

My love,
There's only you in my life
The only thing that's right

My first love, (yeah)
You're every breath that I take
You're every step I make

And I
(And I-I-I)
I want to share
All my love with you
No one else will do...
(uuuuuh uuuh)

And your eyes
Your eyes, your eyes
They tell me how much you care
Ooh yes, you will always be
My endless love

Two hearts,
Two hearts that beat as one
Our lives have just begun

And Forever
I'll hold you close in my arms
I can't resist your charms
(no no no no noooo)

And love
and, love
I'll be a fool
For you,
(noney) I'm sure
You know I don't mind
Oh, you know I don't mind

'Cause baby you,
(baby baby baby baby)
You mean the world to me
I know
I've found in you
My endless love

yeee ee eeeee
do do do do do
do do do do do
do do doo doo

Oooh, and love
Oh, love
I'll be that fool
For you,
I'm sure
That You know I don't mind
Oh you know-
I don't mind

And, YES
You'll be the only one
'Cause no one no one can deny
This love I have inside
And I'll give it all to you
My love
My love, my love
My endless love

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