Wednesday, September 14, 2011

State of the Blog Address (After One Month in Operation)

A month after launching this blog, where the world is my classroom and Jesus is the Master Teacher, we're still around.

Here's a snapshot:

There were about 30 blogs logged in the past month which was an average of a blog a day.

There were about 425 page views which was an average of several to a dozen page views per day. I tell the site meter not to record my own times I've viewed the page.

I have no idea who's accessing the site.

There have been visitors from a dozen countries to date.  The top 5 visiting countries were (1) USA (2) France (3) United Kingdom (4) Canada and (5) Germany. 

I am surprised by this b/c I thought I'd get more readership from the Philippines and Asia for the first month.

It took about a month before someone from the Philippines logged in.  The LiveFeed Meter doesn't seem to consistently catch all the visits from outside North America.

The next Top Ten come from Far East and countries in the East with traditional Muslim influence/presence like (6) the Philippines (7) Indonesia (8) Malaysia (9) India and (10) Albania.

So, that means the top five visiting countries were from the West, and the next top visitors were from countries with an Islamic presence.

But I'm not complaining about the West topping my list 'cause the New Evangelization means going back to re-evangelize Europe, where the headquarters of the Catholic Church is located.

During the last papal conclave that elected Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as the 266th Successor of St. Peter, I really thought the next Pope wasn't going to be European.

As they say, if you go in a Pope you leave as a cardinal.  So I "went in to the conclave" thinking we would have a non-European Pope.

And voila!  merci!  I mean danke! dort es ist!  We have a European Pope....

...which means God is making Europe a priority.

Why He wants Europe is something that we can speculate til the missionaries come home.  But like I said above I'm sure it has to do with where Europe in particular and the West in general is going. 

Providence's selection of a European Pope suggests that the universal Church's energies should be directed at the Re-Evangelization of Europe.  Yes, there are many priorities, but considering that commentators say only 1 out of 10 Catholics attend Mass regularly in Europe (compared to 25% in the U.S.), and given the political-economic situation of the rise of the European Union which has deliberately left God out of its constitution without reference to its religious past, let's return to Europe and send missionaries back there from whence the first missionaries to the New World came.

So, to date, love live the "eldest daughter of the Church" (France) and pray God raise up saintly doctors to defend her from her intellectually enlightened suicide; God save the great English people especially with this new Ordinariate that is a gift from heaven; may the once-Catholic bastion of Catholicism in French-speaking America arise once again like a bird bursting from a burnt heap of maple leaves; and may God heal the breaks within the Christian West that started in Germany.

We send missionaries back to Europe to rescue her from her post-modern self.

For my part, prayer and this laptop will have to serve as my ship to cross the Atlantic.

Won't you join in the New Evangelization, too?!

Class dismissed

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